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Effortlessly consolidate all resumes in one place with ease

All the applications you receive via your career site, referred candidates, hand-delivered or parsed resumes, and every other candidate is right at your fingertips.

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PB-cloud illüstrasyonu, tüm adaylar her yerden geliyor tek bir yerde birleşiyor, bulutta bir database

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"We've started using PB-Cloud. We have our candidates with GDPR issues resolved in a secure cloud environment."

Robert Rose, Pfizer HR

box kariyer sitesi temsili tasarım illüs

With PB-Cloud, you can have your full-fledged corporate career site.

Securely protect candidates' personal data

PeopleBox is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

You won't have to worry about compliance issues when bringing in candidates and communicating with them.

KVKK ve GPRD texti görülecek şekilde bir uyum anlatımı.

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